Hi friends, I arrive at Greenfire Farm on July 25th, Wednesday afternoon. Richard Hogan and I, with tech support from Franz Nahrada, are planning for the Video Bridge practice event again for the 28th. This will be a further progress situation - there is no POD completion to showcase yet - but we are gathered and the work is underway and we will celebrate that we are progressing towards a breakthrough that will change everything for everyone: the POD Kit - for growing regenerative food and producing abundance of water and energy that is accessible to all - living structures that cool and heat with free energy and are very affordable and accessible for self-build. A grassroots action plan to enable this solution to go viral and turn the tide. That is our goal and my prayer to serve others, together to end hunger and heal the planet - leading by example at the Greenfire Earth Regeneration Center.

This is my Profiles Page but most of my activity is now at Sola Roof Guy.

Here is a link to my first year's Log that documents some of the start up work of the first exciting year of operating the Pm Wiki and building our Sola Roof community. What a blast it has been and I am certain that this coming year, 2012 is the big breakthrough year.

Since the start of 2005 I have wanted to apply Sola Roof to humanitarian causes, for example the Post Tsunami Visions project. Following years have seen escalation of global crisis due to Dangerous Climate Change, which we now know is caused by Global Warming. Please get involved at our wiki if you would like to collaborate on humanitarian applications of Sola Roof - our goal is sustainable reconstruction that will not create aid dependency but rather will cultivate self reliance and rebuilding sustainable livelihoods.

There are some exciting projects under discussion. These are the first Open Eco Center projects following the Open Eco Design concepts and which would be linked together in the OEC Net - my hot topic is to BUILD a relationship with a Public and Private Partnership that is emerging in Norway, where my company Life Synthesis is working with a broad collaborative to establish demonstration projects that will be active and able to showcase our solutions during the Rio+20 World Summit on Sustainable Development. You will find out more about those developments at :

Sola Roof Guy

I am planning to get a Sola Roof project happening at multiple sites during 2012, which in most cases will be an Agri POD project, which launches in the new year in Norway - with cooperation of waste treatment company, Lindum and aluminum manufacturer, Norsk Hydro.

There is much planning to do and I would like your help, especially if you can help with funding for a Social Enterprise business development model.

We are also establishing a new Portal for the Open Eco Community, which will use Drupal and our current Wiki will become a module within the Drupal website that will continue to facilitate collaboration, from Global to Local.

Contact me at rick@solaroof.org or, while I am traveling (I will let you know when) send email to: solaroof@yahoo.com

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Twitter: @solaroof

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Rick - I sent you an email some days ago, maybe your system treated it as spam. I'll be contacting someone important on this Island in 2 days time (Thursday 0930) for 30 minutes. I'd appreciate any business news so I may add that to the conversation. Thanks! lucas dot gonzalez at canarias dot org.


Rick, I have been trying to keep up with the various projects hoping to find a way that I can contribute. I will keep doing that but I hope that you and others will not hesitate to ask if I can be of assistance. Best of luck, David Braden.