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My Brother Rick (SolaRoofGuy) is quite the Inventor, and Science expert, and has been working on SolaRoof long before he named it SolaRoof.

Me? I'm not much of an inventor or an ecologist. I do admit, even as a youth, I'd carry a wrapper in my pocket until a trash can was available - and I enjoy nature and respect it very much. Even so, I am more of an electronics guy and work in the automotive field. I am a web design hobbyist too.

I believe in God and became a "born again" Christian in 1997 at the age of 37 years. This changed much of the way I think about life and family. I do feel we all need to be open to paths we would not always have chosen. I felt compelled to give Rick a hand with this site and perhaps in doing so I'll have a small part in furthering the betterment of humanity, and help the environment in little ways.

Soon I'll be 52 years this 2012. I live in Michigan, but am Canadian. I'm so far abysmal at growing an indoor garden, and my home gets too hot on the second floor in the summer where I've been experimenting. (No property for a greenhouse of any kind.)

Time will tell what the future brings, but I am optimistic that even though SolaRoof is a long time smoldering, bucking conventional greenhouse practices, ...

Still, there is world-wide interest, and I expect the time is coming fast that it will turn the industry on its end. With all the rage of solar energy, electric cars, wind turbines popping up all over the place, this is the age of SolaRoof coming into its own too.

Anyway, that is a bit about me, and some rambling thoughts. I hope I am getting the ball rolling here. We hope to get to know who out there cares about SolaRoof and its potential. It could have applications in the fight to improve famine struck places, or bring locally grown food to places too hot or cold for conventionally vented greenhouses to run year-round. Also the conventional greenhouse industry could benefit. I can see it having much use in architecture for sports centers, swimming pools, ... and my mind could go on and on.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Different perspectives can help us all think outside the box, brainstorm, or just simply make a new friend!