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I invite a discussion here and at my SolaRoofGuy WikiBlog on the subject Kingdom Builders as an alternative vision about how to build a better world. Do we focus on economy, environment, society, education and technology? What about our SPIRITUAL connection with people, planet, Life and all of Creation? Do you find, as I do, that there are universal truths that reveal the oneness in the diversity of Life, cultures and peoples? Nature demonstrates the power, beauty and majesty of the universe - but beyond this reality that is always changing we "see" the unchangeable, the intangible, the timeless and infinite "intelligence" existing in the order and structure of Creation that is unchanging. Is the human capacity for knowledge and love - at this critical time in human history - sufficient to enable a collective response to the Global Challenges that will result in action to restore balance with nature and harmony within and between our Communities?


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Perhaps there will be some discussion - or, if not I am happy just to share some meditations from time to time. I find this verse from Ephesians 2 inspires my thinking about the Kingdom Builders mission:

19 So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, 20 built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, 21 in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. 22 In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

In my view our buildings are a manifestation of God's love - as we succeed as Kingdom Builders we will reveal God's grace within our dwellings - every space that welcomes in the Holy Spirit, which is the very spirit of life; such space is a healing space that nurtures people physically and spiritually; every dwelling place may be as a Temple dedicated to the Lord, why not our homes and communities - as Christ said: first seek the Kingdom of God and all our other needs will be given to us - SolaRoof is a gift of grace (a revelation or invention) and AgriPOD is built to manifest the regenerative power of life (in the good fruit) and this "living structure" reflects the abundance seen in all of Creation.

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Below, extracted from the message of Bobby Schuller, "Hour of Power", March 10, 2013

"But here's the real crux of it all: Most of the time when we think about Easter, we think about the fact that we get to go to heaven when we die, and that is true. Jesus is preparing a place for us where, when we die, we will be with him forever. It's a place where we will be in glory with the Father. We will be in his loving care, and there will not be another tear shed. It will be beautiful, it will be wonderful, and you have nothing to be afraid of in that regard.

Nevertheless, Jesus' main reason for raising himself from the dead and wanting to save us was not just so that we could go to heaven when we die. Jesus' goal was to bring heaven to earth. That's why Jesus continually preaches the kingdom of heaven is at hand and he says that all the time. That was Jesus' message. Jesus was resurrected from the dead because he wants to save this world. Jesus died on the cross to save our souls from sin, but he was also resurrected from the dead because he wants to save everyone in this world.

To bring more clarity to this point, I want to ask you a question. Why was it that Jesus was not just simply resurrected in Spirit? This is a really important question. Why was Jesus not just resurrected in his Spirit? Imagine, for example, that Jesus, after three days, comes out of the tomb in Spirit, and he comes to his disciples, and he says, "You see, my children, I am alive," and you see him point to his body and say, "See, that body doesn't matter. That body is just a shell. It doesn't matter; it's just laying there and it's just dust and heap. What really matters is that you can see that, in Spirit, I am alive, and now I am going to heaven in my Spirit to prepare a place for your Spirit."

But Jesus didn't say that. In fact, actually many agnostics in Jesus' day wanted that to be the case because they hated the body. They believed the body was evil, and it was a prison, the source of all sin and awfulness. But hear me: Christians hated that Gnostics' view, because Christians, especially in the first century, and Jesus himself valued the body. Your body is sacred.

Jesus being raised from the dead in his physical body is the sign that Jesus and God wants to redeem not just your spirit, but also your body. That's what Easter, in large part, is about. That the Lord made this earth and made your body. And he wants your body and the earth that you live in right now to be saved. That is the primary goal of what he calls the kingdom of heaven. The resurrection points us to the body, not just the spirit, and that God wants to save everything - the spirit, the mind, the body, and this physical world that we live in. God made it. He made the Garden of Eden and found it beautiful. And doesn't want to just burn this place away, all of us raptured and gone, disappearing in spirit. We'll just try to convert everybody, get everybody to heaven, and to heck with the whole earth and everyone else in it. That is not the message of Jesus."

The above means so much to me, as I often feel the need to refute, that as a Christian, I am just waiting for the Lord to judge everyone, because such a position brings with it a hopelessness, and defeats the will to act because, if God's will is to "just burn this place away, [with] all of us raptured and gone, disappearing in spirit." Then, we don't need to look carefully at how we are complicit in the destruction of the Earth, and the best we can do is to "just try to convert everybody, get everybody to heaven, and to heck with the whole earth and everyone else in it."

But I agree with Bobby Schuller, that if we understand Jesus's message correctly, we do not have an easy out, that if we fail to act to do God's Will on earth (as best we are able), then this is a sin of omission and whoever cares only for one's own salvation and abandons care for Earth and for all of the family of man, even "the least of these", those people will be separated as the goats from the sheep and the good shepherd will say, "I do not know you" when you come to Him in Spirit.